For most manuscripts, there are three types of services from which to choose:

Full Manuscript Evaluation

  • Read and annotate each page
  • Correct grammatical and syntactical errors
  • Write a detailed, summarizing critique

My rate for a full manuscript evaluation is $3.50/page (12-point font, double-spaced, 1″ margins). With this option, I will not only polish your draft and make it technically sound, but uncover potential paths you might wish to explore. Since each writer brings to his/her project a unique vision, I will take special care to preserve your style and voice.

For novels and short stories, I provide suggestions and analysis regarding the elements of fiction, such as plot, characterization, language and style, point of view, sentence rhythm, and conflict.

For nonfiction books and articles, I address problems with organization, clarity, and development, building upon your strengths to help you effectively engage your readers.


My rate for editing (correcting grammatical/typographical errors as well as improving clarity, conciseness, and word flow) is typically $2.50/page. Issues addressed include cadence, voice, inconsistencies, redundancies, and clichés. If you prefer this option, please send me a sample of your work and I’ll provide an exact quote.


This option is recommended for highly polished drafts you wish to ensure are error-free. I will correct problems with syntax, grammar, word usage, spelling, punctuation, typographical errors, and format. My rate for proofreading ranges from $1.50-2.00/page, depending on the amount of work needed.

Other Services (Rates Variable)

  • Query letter editing and submission advice
  • Editing of previously edited/critiqued work
  • Assistance in completing unfinished drafts

If you aren’t sure which service to choose, feel free to send me a sample (5-10 pages for shorter works, one chapter for book-length manuscripts) via e-mail. I will then determine the most appropriate option for your needs.

Payment for Services

For all services, I normally request that half the fee be paid up front, while the balance is due upon completion. (The minimum fee for a manuscript evaluation is $40.00 — it takes at least one hour to read and make marginal comments, then another to write a one- to two-page critique.) If you send your work by mail, please enclose a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope. Once I receive your payment (by personal check, money order, or PayPal), I will give your work my full attention and return it via mail or as a Word or Rich Text attachment — whichever you prefer.

NOTE: There is an added 3% service charge for the use of PayPal ($0.75 for $25.00). I apologize for the inconvenience, but this is to cover their own set fee.