As an author, I have written short fiction, articles, essays, and book reviews. My work has appeared in, among other places, Crazyhorse, The Writer, Mid-American Review, the San Francisco Chronicle, Gargoyle, The Bloomsbury Review, The New York Review of Science Fiction, Per Contra, and The New Writer’s Handbook.

As an editor, I sponsored the student organization for my university’s literary journal, editing submissions at all levels of the publishing process. For the past twelve years, I have worked full time as a professional editor/manuscript reader, editing short stories, novels, essays, memoirs, and works of nonfiction for both beginning and established writers.

For fiction, I have edited works in many genres (literary fiction, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, suspense, etc.). I also enjoy editing nonfiction books on a variety of subjects, including history, literature, biography, and self-improvement (though I welcome other subjects — just ask).

I am currently a member of the National Writers Union and the Editorial Freelancers Association. Special interests include hybrid genres, flash fiction, and overlooked writing topics.


Here are a few testimonials from former and present clients:

“Stephen Delaney is a professional and conscientious editor whose attention to detail, technical editing skills, and thoroughness are exceptional. He works in a timely fashion, and he offers extremely helpful, detailed critiques of plot, characterization, pacing, and dialogue. As a former editor myself, I recognize expert editing when I see it. He has edited two of my novels, and I would definitely rely on him in the future.”
— James Quigley, author of The Dangerous World of Elves

“When looking to engage an editor to critique/edit my novella The Other Side of the Ocean, based on my grandfather’s early life during financially hard times in England, I searched, admittedly, for one with a low cost per page. I selected Mr. Stephen Delaney and could not have been more pleased. His pages of suggestions were detailed and professionally done. And of course, being pleased, I have engaged his services since then.”
— Marjorie Meadows Reeves, author & award-winning songwriter

“Wow! Good stuff! Elegant, clean, and definitely enhancing! I am glad I found you.”
— Zalman Goldstein, Three Sacks of Gold

“Stephen Delaney did an amazing job with both my debut novel Crimson Groves and my new mature/YA/urban fantasy/ paranormal thriller UnGuarded. Not only did he provide meticulous attention to detail, story, plot, characters, etc., but he also made suggestions on how certain sentences and paragraphs could be better, adding that extra oomph to keep the reader turning those pages.”
— Ashley Robertson, author of Crimson Groves and UnGuarded

“During the writing of a major project, Stephen did a great job coordinating with me and editing the final version. The final result, one hundred and fifty pages under a very tight deadline, was impeccable.”
— Author of poetry & memoir

“Stephen is a talented writer and editor who worked with us on multiple projects. His assignments were consistently on time and high quality. It was a pleasure working with him and I would be happy to hire him again.”
— Scott Lichtenstein, CEO at Imperial Publishing

“I thought the job performed was very professionally done. The most helpful feedback was on the descriptions — because you were able to find my weaknesses but you didn’t think it was bad writing; you just realized I could do better. Also, you don’t make it sound like you are criticizing me, which is always helpful…you praised my writing at certain points and sometimes that’s all you need to keep going!”
— Elizabeth Kolodziej, Werewolf Descent

“Thank you so much for going over my stories in such wonderful detail. Your comments are so very helpful. I feel inspired and encouraged.”
— Katherine B. Smith, short-story author